A Piano in the Amazon

The first expedition in the Raízes (Roots) series, “A Piano in the Amazon” originated from my heart and mind, proposing an immersion into the sound universe of the Amazon. In 2017, I was joined by a dedicated team of professionals and embarked on a 40-day journey, which involved hoisting a piano onto a boat and crossing the Brazilian Amazon.

In collaboration with local composers, the purpose of this independent project was to take contemporary Amazonian music to remote riverside communities and introduce the local population to the piano, an instrument they’d never seen before.

By getting close to the environments where the composers live or lived, I increase my connection with the musical language the creators communicate in their works, and therefore I’m able to better transmit to the public the uniqueness of this music.

The project provided encounters with the composers in addition to experiences in their environment, direct contact with their source of inspiration, resulting in a more comprehensive and perceptive approach to their work in my performances.

For the composers, there was an invigorating reconnection with their people. In addition, when recognized by outside artists, they feel reinforced in their values and memories, triggering a cultural movement in the region. When young students, media and government representatives take notice of their composers, the continuity of the local culture is strengthened.

For the communities, the project made them feel connected and valued, a source of inspiration to their artists, as well as recognized and respected by other artists. The project awakens their interest, curiosity and desire to grow, rescuing their self-esteem, their sense of belonging and community awareness, stimulating the search for their preservation and cultural value.

This initiative aimed to go beyond the musical objectives by unfolding a series of lateral actions for the local culture and communities. At the end of the project, the piano was donated to the City of Santarém Philharmonic Orchestra (in the State of Pará, Brazil), which had over 50 years of history but did not have a piano in its collection of musical instruments. Currently, the piano is housed in their music academy, where it can continue to fascinate and enrich lives.

As part of this partnership with the Orchestra, the piano is accessible to children receiving lessons from the Raízes (Roots) Piano Training project, which is funded by carlaruaro.com supporters.

As I have experienced first-hand, the piano is not merely a musical instrument, but a means of social transformation.

When you support my work, you help start or maintain meaningful projects, partnerships and initiatives.

I have already taken the concert based on the Amazon expedition to audiences in many cities in Europe, England, Morocco and Brazil. Interested in ways I can bring music and nature to you?

As a result of the project, “Raízes – A Piano in the Amazon” was released on CD and documentary DVD in 2018. The film was awarded Best Photography, Honorable Mention and Best Short Documentary in Finland and Brazil’s Film Festivals. The film has also been screened in festivals in Italy, Portugal, England and Morocco.