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Hi, I'm Carla.

I’m a pianist and traveller. I invite you to discover new sounds, new stages, new places, and also support art for positive change.

As a nature lover, I showcase organic elements in my performances and use the piano as a way to connect music, nature, and people.

Join me in exploring the world and its sounds through musical experiences and immersion in different cultures. Stick around and enjoy the journey!

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My work and this site are dedicated to taking the piano (and music) beyond the stage, connecting with nature and people, so it can be an adventure, a source of inspiration, innovation and transformation.

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Music makes us travel. It takes us to different times, places and people. It’s the only universal language. It’s a form of artistic expression, of cultural exchange, and it touches all of us.

I develop projects and partnerships that go beyond notes and sounds to create meaningful change, to find more ways to connect music, people and nature. I focus especially on the areas of preservation, education and development.

When you support my work or make a purchase on my website, you help me do more and reach further!

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  • The music (from “A Piano in the Amazon”) is unfailingly melodic and attractive throughout, played with complete understanding and subtlety by Ms. Ruaro. Her understated approach allows the music to breathe and speak for itself so it all feels very natural and the music flows (pun intended) very well from piece to piece.

    Ray Picot, The Iberian and Latin American Music Society
  • Carla Ruaro visited Bath Spa University to give a piano recital and
    presentation of her work. Carla is an amazing inspirational role model, and her visit had a significant effect on our undergraduate and postgraduate students, who were talking about it for a long time afterwards.

    Amanda J. Bayley, Professor of Music