let me bring music and nature to you

I’m inspired to create art for positive change

For the concert “A Piano in the Amazon”, I present an original repertoire, bringing contemporary Amazonian composers to the public with works of great cultural value. The performances incorporate indigenous instruments, elements that reproduce sounds of the forest, birdsong, water, and other surprising elements. With the artistic direction of Tatiana Cobbett, the concert is presented with a lot of creativity and originality, making it a unique experience for audiences.

I’m a pianist, but my concerts go far beyond that. I bring the piano closer to the audiences to connect them with people, cultures, and nature. My aspiration is to play music that is organic, authentic, and engaging.

I can perform in person or remotely through live-streaming. You can also book one of my Inspiring Talks and/or a Film screening along with the concerts. Get in touch today to reserve your date(s)!

Strive & Determination

During my Inspiring Talks, I share my personal and professional mission, bringing awareness to cultural and social projects involving music, nature, educational travel, and film production. 

A speaking engagement can be booked along with a Piano Concert and/or a Film screening.

Sessions available through live-streaming or in person. Get in touch today to reserve your date(s)!

The Forest Pianist 

Want to develop your child’s musical sensitivity through sounds and contact with nature, as well as educate and raise awareness about the importance of preservation?

The Forest Pianist is a cartoon character created to educate and inspire children. The Pianist teaches music through contact with natural elements such as flowers, earth, leaves, roots, stones, sand, water, birdsong, etc.

Creating a brand new and inspiring method of music education your child will fall in love.

Easy to understand and work, the method teachs new techniques, new elements, how to relate with and use the sounds that surround us. Learning and connecting to this musical environment we have known since we were born – Nature.

The method covers all the aspects of the music education plus a new and exciting piano repertoire. The full program includes video lessons, live Zoom lessons, group activities, certificate of completion and many more. New videos and contents are being posted weekly on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube Channel.

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When you support my work, you enjoy the music and also support others

Carla Ruaro – concert at Kalajoki Film Festival, Finland