Piano expeditions

From my mind and heart to the world, an artistic, pedagogical and social project taking the music of contemporary composers to their own people in different parts of the globe.

The project has a positive impact on the remote communities visited, making them feel more connected and valued, inspiring an appreciation for music that reflects them, and awakening a curiosity for different ways of artistic expression.

My objectives go beyond leaving a tangible legacy of the piano itself, and the work continues with forming partnerships for preservation and social development in these areas.
When you support me, you help start or maintain these initiatives.

More about the series:

A Piano in the Amazon

The first expedition takes us to the heart of the Amazon, to highlight the unique universe of its sounds and people.

The piano travelled by boat to remote riverside communities, where locals had the opportunity to see, hear, touch and connect with the instrument for the first time.

At the end of the project, the piano was donated to a local organization, the Santarém Philharmonic Orchestra, where it can continue to enchant and enrich lives.

A collection of moments and sounds from this journey is preserved in 3 formats: a beautiful CD + DVD set, music tracks from the CD for download, and the full documentary online in HD.


A Piano in the Amazon II
The Great Expedition 2022

The second expedition to the Amazon forest will cover communities between Belem do Pará and Manaus.  

It’s called “The Great Expedition” because this time our route has 1650Km by boat, and will take the piano to even more remote villages along the Amazon river.

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Traveller pianist

I love to travel and I want to share some of my favourite places with you, so I decided to create a series of videos featuring locations that ignite my passion and inspire me.

Join me in this travel guide through the eyes of a pianist!