Marrakech, Morocco

City of a thousand and one nights, Marrakech is a magical and mystical city. Full of colors and flavors, it enchants but at the same time it scares the newcomers a little.
On my first walk through the Jamaa el fna square, in the Medina of Marrakech, I was impressed by the Koutoubiya Mosque, the snake and snake charmers, the women in burqas getting tattoos with henna. I was scared by the way the people approached me, pulled a woman by my arm and without asking, she was already tattooing me on the hand, beautiful design … but I had to pay even without asking. Soon after, monkeys hung over my shoulder and snakes that men tried to put in my hand to take pictures. People trying to sell you things and pushing you into stores. Well … I ran away scared and left for the Hotel. Second day I learned how to deal with them and the ride was wonderful, I showed confidence when they got close and I started to say firmly that I was not interested. It is not a dangerous place, the people are very kind but very insistent.

Health Benefits from Music

Music has a phenomenal impact on our lives. Imagine if music didn’t exist, what would it be like? Now imagine a film without a background soundtrack, what would it be like? Fortunately, the world of organized sounds has always been part of people’s daily lives.

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Perfect Pitch

Those who identify any musical note by ear are astonishing even among musicians. Now that mysterious power – the absolute ear – begins to be deciphered in humans and songbirds. And there are scientists who think it is accessible to any mortal.

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